Flipboard is a tough app to describe. My best attempt: a “newspaper” style app that presents a customize selection from your existing apps and services.

Flipboard can pull in “top” feeds, Flipboard-curated feeds and other major sources, but the real fun is adding your accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and others. Why? Because your interactions with items within Flipboard are just  like being not he actual site.

“Like” a photo on Facebook (within Flipboard)? It shows up as an actual Facebook “like”. Same for starring favorites on Flickr, and giving a heart on Instagram. it’s an addicting way to browse — in aggregate —your social networks as well as your news feeds.

You can even add Google Reader and include select RSS feeds, with settings to mark as read when viewed in Flipboard. Perfect for image-heavy artist feeds and more.

It gets even deeper when you start adding Flickr and Instagram #hashtags or use the Search function and see all the relevant feeds it finds for you automatically. The real key to full Flipboard enjoyment is adding these custom and personal sources to your account. the “all photos, everywhere” is a genius addition — it shows you all photos across every feed you’ve added. great for casual browsing.

And sick of some source? Flipboard gives you granular control over muting authors or sources.

It takes some time understanding it’s true power, but it’s worth it.



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