Ritual – Great Task Tracker App

Ritual is a nice little app that lets you keep track of items on an ongoing daily basis. Task items can be set up for a check box entry (yes, no and none) or a numeric value. I’ve demoed and purchased many similar apps (Streaks, Tallies and Tracker Lite) but have found Ritual to be the best for my needs. It kind of works like a to-do list for repetitive activities with the master list of items.

What would make this a 5 star app would be a calendar view for individual tasks, and some basic options for number crunching (totals, averages, etc.). Values would be nice to have as well (assign each yes/no day of not smoking to a dollar amount, instead of having to enter the amount every time for example). I would also like to see visual intervals for those activities that aren’t daily (like a Mon/Wed/Fri exercise schedule). I was told by the developers via email that these are coming soon.

The “endless scrolling list” is good, but it needs some tweaking in the visualization of the data to help us visual thinkers. The aforementioned “month view” and perhaps even a week view (as well as some highlighting system in the “endless scroll” to indicate weeks/months as well as the current week/month) would really make this app top-notch. The app is great at capturing the data, but not so much as visualizing it.

All that said, even as-is it’s a great app.

App Store: Ritual.


2 thoughts on “Ritual – Great Task Tracker App

  1. Hi George,

    I’d not heard of this app before. It looks nice and I’m going to give it a try. Like you say, it would be enhanced with some analytics and I hope that this is in the development roadmap for the app.

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