MotionX-Sleep: Clever Sleep Tracker & GPS Pedometer App

MotionX® | MotionX-Sleep Overview

MotionX Sleep is an interesting pedometer and sleep tracking app that I’ve recently become a big fan of. I’ve picked up the new habit of daily walks for simple exercise, and have also discovered that proper sleep is another healthy goal to aim for, so this app covers both in a nice little package.

Some things I really like about the pedometer/step counter: you can set daily goals, and get local Push Notifications to get up and walk during the day. The app tracks both Timed Walks, as well as the optional background steps tracking — which in my experience doesn’t really affect the battery too bad on the iPhone 4. The overall daily step counter is a great little motivator.

The sleep tracker is interesting — it uses a bunch of the iPhone’s motion sensors to track your sleep movement, and give you an idea of how your sleep patterns are during the night. I have no idea how accurate it is though. And yes, you put the iPhone in bed with you at night (or attach to an armband if you own one).

There’s also an alarm that aims to wake you around a time you specify when you’ll be most refreshed when waking. I haven’t really used that feature as I my primary interest is in tracking my sleep patterns, but other reviews I’ve read were positive on the feature.

The app also gives daily, weekly and monthly overviews and averages for sleep and steps. It’s fun to get a feel for where you stand and how you are progressing. Another good motivator tool.

I own a few other GPS apps by MotionX, and while I’m not a huge fan of their interface design choices, they don’t really affect the functionality of the app. It’s easy enough to navigate and get to the sections you want to get to fast — it just isn’t very pretty getting there.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I’d say the 99¢ is well spent.


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