Xtrail: Slick New GPS Health/Fitness Tracker App

Xtrail - The GPS-enabled Fitness App

Xtrail is a clever new GPS fitness and exercise tracking app that is quickly growing on me. It has a clean, easy-to-read interface and design that I’ve come to expect from the developer, Sophiestication.

The most immediate unique feature of the app is the “info widget” system for adding different calculations to track over time. You can easily add and remove sections like Speed, Pace, Distance and more to the main screen. There’s of course a map view as well that tracks your route.

No registration with an online service is required, but the app does use iCloud so you can access saved tracks on an iPad. There is no recording of activities via the iPad however, but that seems pretty OK by me.

I did have a bit of trouble at first figuring out how to enter certain info like height and weight to track calories burned (you do this by tapping ion the small “i” on the info widgets), and I did have some issues getting my activities to show up on the iPad (had to reinstall the app). But now all is working fine.

I’m currently testing a few of these GPS activity trackers for my new daily walking habit. At present I have Runkeeper, Walkmeter, and MotionX-Sleep (which is also a pedometer). The free Runkeeper is pretty bare bones, Walkmeter is a bit too much for my needs in the info department, and MotionX-Sleep I will continue to use in conjunction with my activity tracker just for the overall pedometer counter. Xtrail seems to have the right balance of info I’m looking for, and I love how simple and clean the interface is.

There are nice overview sections for each activity, which include totals and averages. The calendar view serves as a kind of tracker to keep you on course to get some healthy activity “checked off” every day.

I’m not a fan of the lack of being able to zoom in on the maps the max zoom level (limited by Google Maps terrain view) but the developer is waiting to see what the rumored iOS 6 maps features bring to the table, which is fair enough. There isn’t currently any integration with online fitness communities like Runkeeper or DailyMile, but for me that’s not a huge deal breaker. Via Sophiestication’s Twitter feed, it sounds like they are planning on adding that integration soon anyways.

You can export your activity routes as standard GPX files so you can get them into these services or another mapping app if you desire. There’s also built-in support for Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and text messaging your activity, but that’s also not something I will really use.

If like me, you like to track your health and fitness activities but feel the current slew of GPS fitness trackers aren’t really fitting your needs, I think you’ll be pleased with Xtrail.

Xtrail – The GPS-enabled Fitness App.

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