Camelbak Lobo

My brother gave me a Camelbak Lobo hydration backpack as a gift, and to be honest I didn’t think I’d use it much but after my first bike ride with it, I was a fan.

What changed my mind? It’s damn handy, even if it feels a bit silly at first wearing it. Obviously it’s a “water bottle backpack”, but what really sold me beyond the water bottle aspect was the backpack aspect. Camelbak really squeezed a lot of functional pockets in this thing. Being able to ride my bike and carry some breakfast bars, my camera, stash my wallet and keys, headphones and much more is just too damn handy.

And the hydration pack aspect is another killer thing to have, especially on long bike rides, This thing holds a ton of water, more than I typically need but far more than my frame-mounted water bottle could ever handle.

I gave it a go on some recent disc golf outings, and while handy to be able to lug your stuff around the course, it’s a bit limiting when throwing. I found myself going sidearm or holding back on my throws while I had the Lobo on.

But for bike rides or hikes, or even as a minimal daypack, this thing is terrific. The build quality is superb, and they all come with a lifetime warranty. Lots of adjustment straps to get a snug fit, and even straps to tighten down the pack as the water empties from drinking. The waist strap is removable as well.

Camelbak Lobo.

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