Maplets – Hudson Springs Park Disc Golf Course

Maplets is a cool GPS-based iPhone app that shows your GPS coordinates a local map like a bike trail map. The developer wisely offers users the ability to add and share their own maps on the service, and I thought this was perfect for a dic golf course so I made one for my local course.

I had already mapped out the tee and basket locations for my local disc golf course at Hudson Springs Park, and thought it might be a handy map to have for the Maplets app for new players.

Using info I discovered on how to capture large maps from Google Maps, I saved the custom map showing the tees and baskets, along with the general route to follow throughout the course.

The Maplets service allows you to upload your map image as a JPG file, then transparently overlay it on top of the Google Maps interface so you can match it up precisely. Once this is done, you save the map and it’s GPS coordinates, and it is now available to download by any user of the Maplets app.

I think this would be especially helpful for other disc golf courses, so I am posting this to get the word out on how to do it.

Hudson Springs Park Disc Golf Course – Maplets.

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