I bought Quotebook for iOS on a whim and found that I am using it much more than expected. Collecting quotes is something I didn’t realize I enjoy. The app looks great and for the most part is extremely well thought out. But there are a few areas that could use improvement, although my requests to the (initially responsive) developers via Twitter have gone unanswered.

Quotebook is a narrow-focus app: it is a database that you use to collect quotes. It’s pretty simple, but being focused on one task means it does that task very well. Added quotes can have an author and source field. You can rate and tag quotes for easy searching later. It has a nice clipboard detection features that will scan the clipboard when you launch the app and detect a potential quote — and even add the author if the quote is formatted properly (ending in a dash plus the author’s name). And of course you can manually paste copied quotes as well.

But there are a few things I’d like to see changed/implemented in the app. I sent these to the app developed via Twitter, but was never replied to. They were responsive to some questions I had earlier, so I know they monitor the account actively.

First, the author/source entry field suggestions should be populated with the most recently used entries — typically I am collecting quotes from a current digital book I am reading, so having to manually type each time to bring up the autocomplete is tiresome. Especially so on the iPad since the keyboard is far away from the field particularly in portrait view.

Clipboard auto-detect is great, but it’s too picky—a space after the period will result in no detection. A space after an ending quote will also negate auto-detection. The app is clever enough to pick up on many types of dashes to detect the text afterwards as the author, but it doesn’t recognize the tilde (~) character. Proper character or not, a lot of online sources use this.

Night mode would be great. It’s jarring to be reading an iBook at night in night mode and hop over the Quotebook’s bright white screen. I was told this is not on the to-do list.

Gripes aside, I really like the app and the design is good. It would be nice to be able to send new quotes via the Mac somehow, but that expands the development scope considerably so maybe in the future. One feature request is local push notifications from a user-specified list or tag or rating that pop up quotes to you throughout the day, between user-specified hours.

If you enjoy quotes, this app is pretty great for collecting them and as long as you are OK with the functionality of the app as-is, I think you’ll be pleased with the purchase.



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