Pico Widgy Pry-Bar

CountyComm - Industrial Strength EDC Survival Food Grade Tin

The Pico Widgy Pry Bar from CountyComm is hands-down the best keychain tool I’ve added to my keychain EDC (Every Day Carry) collection. It’s even allowed me to no longer want to carry a knife or a pocket multi-tool.

This handy little keychain tool is very lightweight and very tough. It’s not sharp, but has enough of an edge on it to score open packing tape. It’s great for poking, prodding, leveraging or wedging things. It’s always “open”, can be accessed and used one-handed, and never needs sharpening.

If you know how to open a bottle of beer with a Bic lighter, you can (with some effort) use the Pico Widgy for this as well.

It’s not a screwdriver, nor an actual knife, but I found that for the most part this simple little tool covers 99% of what I used to do with bulkier pocket and keychain tools.

And of course, I carry this on my A&P Keychain, also from County Comm.

Pico Widgy Pry-Bar.


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