Minecraft: Day Two

Ventured out at night to peek around, and got attacked by an Enderman. Had to respawn. Lost all my torches somehow. And I used up all my coal to make them so now I am torchless and coalless.

Exploring caves is a favorite for me.

Went exploring for coal and to check out the surrounding areas. Spied a cave I want to check out but since I am out of torches that needs to wait.

Hunting grounds.

Didn’t find any coal before dark, but gathered some Cobblestone for tool making during the night. My hunger bar is getting low so I need to go back to the Cows and Pigs I found grazing earlier and get some food, and build a furnace to cook up the meat.

It’s not Minecraft without Creepers.

Spotted my first Creeper of the game too.


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