AcoustiGrip: Headphone Cable Tamer

The AcoustiGrip headphone wire tamer is an handy little gadget I picked up for iPhone headphones cords. I got tired of the cables bouncing around when I was walking or riding the bike, and a little research online brought this little gadget to my attention. Despite a bit of initial skepticism before purchasing, they work great.

Two of these come in a package. If it isn’t obvious from the photo, you thread the upper (split) part of your headphone cables through the outer “jaws” of one of these tiny devices, and the single part of the cable in the enclosed inner “jaw” of the other. That’s it. Then you just squeeze the outer “levers” and grab some t-shirt in-between the inner heart-shaped set of “jaws”. Be sure to check out the compatibility page on the manufacturer’s website. These seem to be primarily designed for iPhone/iPod headphone cables, but should work for any similarly-sized headphone cables.

These are only plastic, but feel durable—even for the smaller parts. And once you attach them to your headphones, there’s really no need to remove them. The bulk of use will be attaching to the shirt.

Before ordering, I was suspicious that they would be loose or flimsy, but they are well-made and I can’t see them breaking with normal usage. Very lightweight as well. They work great and do the trick—no more headphone cable bouncing around when I am out exercising. Recommended for any type of outdoor activity where you’d want to wear your headphones. I’ve personally used the for walking, hiking, biking and disc golf, but they’d be great for running and other activities as well based on my experience with them.

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