Minecraft Journal • Day Four: Living Arrangements

Today looks like a good day to build a house. But first, some exploring.

Found a bit of iron. I need to get some armor anyways.

Yes little piggy, you are about to become pork chops! Also noticed the mountain in the background looks like a giant bison.

Looks like I have a jungle in the backyard. I’ll explore that later on.

I heard zombies groaning in the area, decided to investigate. Looks like he’s got some backup!

Beautiful Minecraft sunset.

I like that my house faces the sunsets, will construct it to take advantage of this for sure.

Gathering some wood.

If I’m going to build a house, gonna need some wood. I think I am going to make some rough wooden pillars for the four corners. Log cabin style. Kinda. Sorta.


Getting the basic framework done for the house.

It’s not much yet, but it’s a perfect start.

I’ll make sure the view is less obstructed later on.

Enough construction for one day, but so far it’s nice to have a bit more breathing room to work.


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9 thoughts on “Minecraft Journal • Day Four: Living Arrangements

  1. Wow George – fantastic blog and fantastic, in such a short time, Minecraft coverage!

    Over on our blog, I Rez, Therefore I Am

    We’ve been thinking about a number of MMO’s & RPG’s and Life, Culture, Art, Reality, etc… but we don’t have anything on Minecraft…

    Would you be interested in doing a guest post on Minecraft for us?

    Thank you!


      1. Awesome George — really the post can be whatever you like.

        Our blog has only been a few authors, pretty much from Second Life for most of its existence… recently we’ve expanded the author pool, added peeps from World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, etc. If you poke around you’ll see that we look at a range of Virtual World ideas, but especially “immersion” “reality” “identity” etc

        I was just thinking that the majority of “games” or “worlds” are designed by the designers, only a few are UGC, like Second Life, Blue Mars, and now Cloud Party. The “Game” worlds are really compelling for a lot of peeps, but I am fond of the UGC / Building worlds, and that’s when the big lightbulb went off and I thought — duh — how come we don’t have anything on Minecraft.

        So again, it really can be whatever YOU want to talk about… and it can be long or short… all in one post, or several posts… all very flexible…

        If you want a suggestion, perhaps a brief intro on the world, and then a description of activities there, about building, player experience, how immersive you find it, etc

        How does any of that sound?

      2. Sounds great! I actually have some thoughts/ideas about the low-res nature of Minecraft and why it’s part of what makes it compelling (for those that it compels!). In fact, this Minecraft Journal is in part an experiment to get me to write more, and also to see how the role-playing aspect of Minecraft can lead to organic story-building. And an excuse to play Minecraft more often ;) The low-res nature of the game invites the imagination, and therefore doesn’t force one into a specific “universe”. I like that a lot.

  2. kk – I just invited “gcoghill” to be an “author” on iRez — it will come as an email from WordPress.com.

    You probably know how to do stuff with WP, but of course ask if I can help in any way. Otherwise, go for it! :)

    Oh, I didn’t mention above, but of course, Minecraft is noted for the “low rez” graphic aesthetic, so it’d be nice to talk a little about your thoughts / experience of that too.


  3. Great. Dive in and post whenever you’re ready. I can answer any tech questions you might have. And if you like, I can look at a saved draft before you publish – but that’s only if you want pre-feedback – you’re perfectly welcome to hit the publish button if you like.

    Looking forward to your post – I think Minecraft will become a nice part of our conversation!

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