Minecraft Journal • Day Five: Ore Blind

Another red sunrise.

I decided I would gather some more wood and work on the house some more, but then remembered I wanted to get some armor built. For that I would need ore. And for ore I need to go deep. I have a cave nearby with unexplored areas. I think today’s the day to explore them.

This cave went deep quickly! And it’s rich with ore. It’s also a maze, and in my zeal to collect all the ores around me, I slack on a proper marking method so I know where I am and where I’ve been. I find a few environmental landmarks like this underground waterfall, but they are deep in the recesses.

Usually I have a method using sand blocks, which I will explain later when I go back and mark this cave properly.

And not only lost and greedy, but careless—I run into a skeleton who scared the crap out of me. Thinking I could easily battle him, I engage and quickly die. All that ore—lost. Unless I can find my way back to my dropped items before they disappear. I think you only get like 15 minutes. And of course, I’ve not marked this cave yet.

By dumb luck I stumble across my kit—whew! Lots of tools, torches, new coal and ore. And my boney enemy is nearby, I can hear his cold bones clanking. Time for retribution. After I lay waste to the skeleton, I run into a zombie. I forgot to mention the Creeper I almost ran into running back after dying earlier and going into the main cave entrance. I had to strafe to the alternate entrance.

I finally get my wits about me and head back to home base. Let’s get this iron in the furnace and make some armor. I’m not prepared for mining. Mining means battle, there are a lot of enemies in the darkness of the caves.

My iron is used up on a full set of armor. But now I’m ready to head back to the caves, set some navigation markers and find more ore for tools and weapons. Before I go back though, I’ll need to get some sand.


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