WordPress Photo Galleries Suck

Let me start by saying I’m a huge WordPress fan, both of the .com and self-hosted variety. But the photo gallery feature sucks.

I typically post one photo per page, but I’m the kind of (amateur) photographer who takes a lot of photos of the same thing on different days. I’d like to have one big photo album of a certain subject matter (sunsets for example) and offer the reader an easy way to browse just those photos. And it’s impossible to do this.

Galleries need to have all the photos attached to that specific page or post. That’s ridiculous! The structure of WordPress and websites in general that make them so awesome is that all the content is database driven, so one should be able to access any content anywhere on the site and use it anywhere else. Instead, I have to send visitors to a tag archive page that just lists 5 posts per page and have them click the “older posts” link to see more.

I want to be able to curate my media collection and offer up a page of thumbnail for images regardless of where or when they were uploaded or posted. Being limited to the current method is frustrating. And using a specific theme to make this happen is not the solution, many sites are not focused on one specific topic (as is mine).

I know, I know—it’s free, who am I to complain? Yet here I am complaining.

WordPress—I love you guys, but you really need to work on the gallery features. Make them as awesome as we all know you can.

2 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Galleries Suck

  1. I was looking for a simple photo gallery to post pictures and the wordpress I’m working with is 3.6. No dice. It’s either a plugin that costs money or a plugin that doesn’t work.

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