Cron-O-Meter: Comprehensive Nutrition Tracking

CRON-O-Meter is the nutrition software/website I’ve been searching for. If you want to track calories, there are a gazillion options out there. But I wanted to track the nutrients in my food — vitamins and minerals. I’m fortunate to not really have to worry too much about my weight, but the nutrients are something I wanted to track. Cron-o-meter isn’t the best-looking, but it does just what I wanted.

There’s little to explain about this website, it all works pretty much intuitively. I love how you can click on individual foods in your meals list and get just the nutrition info for that food. I was actually surprised to see that my typical meals are pretty much covering my daily nutrient intake, looks like I may be able to quit augmenting with supplements.

They also have an iPhone app that I have not yet tried out, and if you are a Windows user (which I am not), there’s a desktop version as well. The basic account on the website is free, so if this is something you’ve been trying to find as I was, it’s worth signing up for the free account and giving it a spin.

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