SunCalc: Sun Position Mapping Tool

SunCalc is an interesting web tool that visualizes the sun position, sunlight phases, sunrise, sunset, dusk & dawn times on a Google map. It shows you the path and location of the Sun in the sky, where to look for it at sunrise, solar noon and sunset, and does so in an easy to understand visual manner.

If you click and drag the Sun icon in the time bar, you can animate the sun position throughout the day. Being able to do this on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis would also be kind of cool.

The only real issue I have with SunCalc is that it doesn’t display well on the iPhone browser—the radius of the “sun circle” is a bit larger than the dimensions of the iPhone screen. It does however work great on the iPad. I’d love to have an app version of this tool on the iPhone or see similar functionality added to Sol. But an iPhone-optimized version of this would be great too.

The developer suggests The Photographer’s Ephemeris app in the meantime.

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