Keen Newport Sandals: The Most Comfortable Footwear Ever

I’ve never been much of a sandal guy. But I’ve always been on the search for the Holy Grail of comfortable all-around shoes. And I believe I’ve found them in the Keen Newports.

I should make a quick disclaimer that the absolute most comfortable footwear are the Keen Howsers, but as those are a slipper/sneaker hybrid not really suited for everyday wear, they will be ignored in this discussion.

I forget exactly how I was introduced to Keen footwear—might have been reviews on or Amazon. As I mentioned, I’ve got “bad feet”; they tend to fatigue quite quickly and I am always looking for a pair of shoes or footwear that can ease the discomfort. Initially I purchased a pair of Keen shoes (I forget the model), and was very much impressed. These were just casual shoes, but they were comfortable out of the box and even more so once they broke in. The first thing I noticed in them (coming from a running shoe history) was how low the heel seemed.But I got used to that real quick.

Those Keens made me a Keen fan, but not yet a convert. When summertime rolled around, I was on the lookout for another pair of Keens to try out, something that was more suited to outdoor activities like disc golf, bicycling and the like. Despite my non-sandal preferences, reviews and recommendations steered me to the Keen Newports.

The kudos were all true: I’m not sure exactly why, but the Keen Newports were indeed the most comfortable pair of footwear I had had the pleasure of putting on my feet. Recently I ended up getting a pair of the Newport H2 model, as these were fully waterproof. I’ve actually come to like these a bit more at least in the summer months, as they are more lightweight and can even be washed in a washing machine! Very handy for an active dude like myself.

Eventually I gave the aforementioned Keen Howser slippers a try, and those solidified my conversion to only wearing Keens. I work form home as a self-employed cartoon logo artist and was looking for shoes I could lounge around the house in during the colder months. The Howsers not only fit the bill, but can also be worn outside as they have a rubberized sole. Perfect!

The one issue I have with Keen shoes is that the fit is not consistent across the product line. When I contacted customer support about this, they said this was intentional so as to offer a wide range of fit for different types of feet. This seems odd to me, as you may have to settle for a look and style that isn’t to your liking to get the fit you need. Their slip-on shoes seem to be mostly designed for larger/wider feet, which excludes me.

I like Keen shoes so much I spent the time to evangelize for them on this blog post. But for those of you out there like me who are looking for the most comfortable shoes you can find, I believe you will find them with Keen.

2 thoughts on “Keen Newport Sandals: The Most Comfortable Footwear Ever

  1. I’m a HUGE fan of Keen sandals! I bought a pair for a Europe vacation and they did not disappoint. They’re extremely durable and they were able to withstand the miles of walking/sightseeing. The open design on these sandals also kept your feet cool and comfortable, plus they’re waterproof so I was able to use them in just about every place that we visited.

    Definitely recommend them as well!

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