Photo Posts – Changes

I’ve changed up my approach for posting photos to the blog. Previously I was just feeding my Instagram uploads to Flickr, and then using IFTTT to automatically create a post here on the blog. I’ve decided to change that up a bit.

While I love the convenience of uploading photos once and then having them propagate to my other accounts on the web, I decided to no longer do this for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that Instagram doesn’t send over tags to Flickr, so I need to manually add them. IFTTT doesn’t pick up the Flickr tags when auto-posting to WordPress, so I needed to go back and edit those posts regardless.

IFTTT does allow you to set generic tags for the auto-posting, as well as the Category, but the real benefit for Tags is being able to indicate what the photo is about.

Another limitation to uploading to Flickr through either of these services is the loss of location metadata. I’ve had to manually add location data for photos shared to Flickr via these automation services (or by sharing via Instagram) which seems idiotic to me. Uploading from the iPhoto app on the iPad isn’t the most ideal method, but it allows me to make minor edits and when uploaded, the date, time and location metadata is intact.

I also feel like I am limiting what I share to these photo services at the fear of spamming my blog with too many photos. So going forward, I am going to start manually curating which photos are posted here on the blog.

If you want to drink from the firehose, I suggest you follow me on Instagram or connect with me on Flickr. I’ll be posting more photos to each, and typically I will not be cross-posting between the two any longer. Flickr will get the full-format photos, while Instagram will be square-format only.

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