AppleScript: New iCloud Note from Clipboard

I was looking to create an AppleScript that appended the Clipboard contents to an existing note in the new Notes app in 10.8 Mountain Lion. It doesn’t seem to be possible, but I found a link at MacScripter to a great resource with lots of actual code examples for using AppleScript and

Using the examples at that link, I did the next best thing and set up an AppleScript that prompts you for the note title, then creates a new note in the default iCloud account with the contents of the Clipboard as the body text.

I then set up a TextExpander snippet so I could select some text, hit ⌘-C to copy, then type the abbreviation to run this script for a new iCloud note. Easy way to get some text on to your iPhone.

Download my “New iCloud note from Clipboard” AppleScript script.

AppleScript: The Notes Application.


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