Trickster: Excellent Recent-Files Utility

I am really liking the “recent files” utility for Mac OS X, Trickster. It keeps track of files, folders and apps you’ve used recently, and sorts them into “filters” along the left-hand side. Out of the box it has filters for Apps, Images, Music, Video, Downloads, Dropbox, and the like. You can also add your own filters (like only .psd files for example), and even add exclude filters.

Sometimes apps like these can be more work than the time they save, but after using Trickster for a day I can already tell it’s going to become a staple must-have utility on my Mac.

Lots of great features, and built for extensive customization and filtering. If you use this with external hard drives, you’ll need to add those manually. But otherwise the app is pretty intuitive to use. 14-day demo on the site, also available on the Mac App Store.

Thanks to my fellow Mac geek Krishna Sadasivam for the suggestion!



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