iPhone 5: Bigger Is Not Always Better

I’m not a fan of the rumored “tall boy” iPhone 5 for a few reasons.

Thumb reach.

Dustin Curtis points out that the current iPhone screen is optimal for “thumb reach”, and I agree:

Although those that have used the current iPhone screen and a 4″ Android device seem to really like the larger screen. I could be wrong. But some people agree with me, especially about the 3:2 aspect ratio. And there are indeed good arguments both for and against a 4-inch iPhone.

Photo dimensions.

Here’s a photo at the current 960×640 iPhone screen dimensions compared to the purported taller screen version. Looks weird. Also weird is that by constructing this comparison I discovered that the dimensions of iPhone photos are not the same as the screen.

Golden Rectangle.

Initially I had thought the current iPhone screen was closer to the Golden Rectangle than it is. The taller rumored iPhone 5 isn’t that far off.


Of course I am just making this up in my mind, but I like the way the current iPhone 4/4S fits in the pocket. The taller size just seems like it would be awkward. Now I have a “device” in my pocket. The current size just fits in there invisibly.

It also just looks stupid.

That’s just a personal observation.


I try to stay away from Apple rumors. They are rarely accurate because Apple’s approach is huge innovation followed by incremental changes. I get tired of the 3D holographic screen rumors every year. But supplier part leaks are tougher to argue with, and it seems that the “new iPhone” will indeed be at least offered in a “tall boy” version. I’m hoping they offer those of us who want the older dimensions a version to their liking, but that isn’t Apple’s style.

And who knows, maybe I’ll end up being totally wrong and loving the iPhone Tall Boy. I guess we’ll know in a month or so.

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