Customize the ‘Continue Reading →’ Text for Posts

I’m new to, but not to WordPress. It’s an interesting experience, especially since I am so used to having the access to the code and the ability to add plugins. So I’m always looking for ways to achieve things in that I do in a self-hosted WordPress install.

I have a plugin on my cartooning blog that tweaks the ‘More’ tag site-wide. The ‘More’ tag is what displays the ‘Continue Reading →’ text at the end of a post excerpt on the Home page and on archive pages. I discovered there was no way to do this site-wide on a site, but I found this little trick that allows you to customize the text for the More tag on a per-post basis for posts

It’s super-simple: after adding the More tag ( the button to the right of the “break link” button) in the Visual editor, just go to the “Text” view in the post editor, and change the default More tag


by adding a space after <!–more, to turn it into something like this…

<!–more But wait, there’s more!–>

Now your More tag will read “But wait, there’s more!” instead of the default “Continue reading →”

On a side note, I feel like the More tag is totally underused and little understood. Here’s the biggest reason to use it: so long posts on the home page and on archive pages (like search results, Category pages and Tag pages) do not display the entire post. Instead, it just displays the text up to the “More” tag, with a link to full post. This allows the reader to be able to quickly scan all the home page posts instead of having to scroll past an entire long article.

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