New Art & Illustration Portfolio

Psychedelic temple sketch by George Coghill

Finally got an art blog/website set up for my personal artwork at my main domain. It was sitting as placeholder ever since I migrated my business website over to There’s not much to see right now since it’s just been set up, but had to get that technical hurdle out of the way first.

Many people probably think of my cartooning work when they think of my artwork, but my personal art goes off in much different directions. I spent a good amount of my time over the past 5 years setting up and running my cartooning business, and have really had the itch to start getting the artwork I create for myself out there for the world to see. I’ve got plans for that art as well.

The sketch above should give you a hint at the kind of stuff to expect. It has a cartoon vibe, but the subject matter has a mystical bent with psychedelic/visionary art inspiration thrown in. It will be more apparent as I get more art posted.

George Coghill – Art & Illustration.


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