Razer Nostromo Programmable Keypad Review: Great Photoshop Accessory for Digital Artists

The Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad is my new favorite Photoshop tool/gadget/accessory besides the Wacom Intuos4 graphics tablet. If you’re a keyboard junkie like me (and even if you aren’t), you’re going to love this little gadget.

Initially I was going to get a more traditional programmable keypad, but my artist friend and fellow digital art gadget geek Ray Frenden had recently picked up a Nostromo and loved it. When he told me there were per-app key configurations, that sold me.

Initial Impressions

It took me some trial and error to find a good set of key command assignments for Photoshop, but once those were in place and I used the device for about a week, I was hooked. Being a huge fan of the recent Spring-Loaded Keys feature in Photoshop, I was pleased to find that they worked perfectly with the Nostromo.

I did find the materials to have a bit of a cheap feel to them, and the key presses feel a bit hollow. But for a device at this price it’s easily overlooked. The configuration software works fine on my Mac running 10.8 Mountain Lion. And the software of course comes in a Windows version for you PC users out there.


I’ve configured mine to have easy access to my most-used tools. I primarily draw/sketch in Photoshop, so my key mapping reflects that. And another nice feature in the Nostromo configuration software is the ability to have multiple key mappings, for different task sets (which I have yet to use). The primary tools I access with the Nostromo are the Brush, Eraser, Rotate View Tool, the Drag-Resize brushes function, Hand (Spacebar), the Zoom tool, and the Step Backwards key command (for multiple Undo steps). You can download my Nostromo profile for Photoshop CS6 here.

Here are all the actions you can choose from when assigning functions to each key on the Razer Nostromo keypad.

I was a bit confused when assigning keys to the Nostromo’s D-pad, until I noticed the small white arrow on the D-pad and on the on-screen version in the configuration software. It’s rotated 90º clockwise from how it is oriented on the actual device. And I was not able to get the scroll wheel to work with Photoshop, even though it works in other apps like Safari.

Bottom Line

Despite those minor complaints, I am very pleased with the purchase, and the Nostromo has become an integral tool/gadget in my digital art workflow. Highly recommended.

4 thoughts on “Razer Nostromo Programmable Keypad Review: Great Photoshop Accessory for Digital Artists

  1. I am curious how you were able to test this incredibly great tool using OS 10.8? My Nostromo has been sitting idle since the release of Mountain Lion. I’m still waiting for driver updates while searching for a more dependable replacement option.

  2. I just picked a Nostromo on eBay and want to program it, but after downloading the Razer Synapse application, I’m not seeing the screens you have displayed in this article. I’m running OS X 10.12 and would like to set up the keyboard for Photoshop. Am I missing something?

    1. I’ve not used this accessory for years and can’t really help with newer versions of the software and/or the operating system, or any compatibility issues between the two.

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