Display Recent Blog Posts as a Thumbnail Gallery in WordPress [plugin]

Get Post List With Thumbnails is an excellent little plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites that allows you to display your recent blog posts as a thumbnail grid of images with support for using the Featured Image thumbnails for a nice clean uniform image from each post. Perfect for us artists wanting to use WordPress for an online portfolio.

Instead of having a boring page of text/title/exceprts with a full-sized image from each post that takes up way too much room and requires far too much scrolling, this plugin lets you display your art posts in the ideal manner: as a grid of thumbnail images. Se it in action over at my art portfolio site.

It confuses me that this isn’t built-in to WordPress already, or that there aren’t more plugins out there like this. Like the Custom Post WP Gallery plugin for displaying a thumbnail grid for Pages or Custom Posts, this keeps your image-heavy site clean and puts the focus on the important stuff: your artwork.

The plugin has a shortcode that’s a bit tricky to decipher, but another user posted this handy guide for tweaking the settings of the plugin shortcode to control the display. You can tweak it to include titles, dates and more but I’ve just chosen not to do that.

I’ve tried to create something like this with code and my meager skills, but this does the job perfectly and my stress levels remained low. The plugin hasn’t been updated in over a year as of this post, but it’s working fine for me under WP 3.4.2 so far.

found via Daily Blogging

7 thoughts on “Display Recent Blog Posts as a Thumbnail Gallery in WordPress [plugin]

  1. Thank you :)

    Would you mind throwing up the code you ended up using? I have been fiddeling around with it for a bunch of hours, and I can’r really make it look as nice as you have.. Cheers :) Kristian

    1. Here is the code I used on my posts page:

      [gplt orient="h" imgo="true" ttgo="false" dtgo="true" dtfrm="2" categ="" postnr="100" linn="3" divwid="300" tbwid="90" tbhig="90" cp="4" cs="4" lwt="2" tte="" sptb="false" tgtb="false" ordm="DESC" ordf="ID" metk="" mett="" pgin="" ptype="post" dexcp="false" gptb="true"]

      Hope that helps.

  2. Thank you!

    One question! Does it also work with on an page in “Display at full width” ? I have som problems with it….

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