PopClip: Excellent Keyboard-Based Text Utility

PopClip for Mac is becoming one of my must-have Mac utilities. Its primary function is to do things with selected text. The app is inspired by the “action menu” for highlighted text iOS. But PopClip goes even further with the actions you can run on your selected text. Simply highlight some text, and the small action menu pop-up appears. 

The action menu items are contextual, depending on what type of text is selected. Text that contains URLs or email addresses will have different action menus available. Cut copy and paste are pretty much available for all. The Google search (which can be changed to any search engine) is excellent.

You can turn on or off the action items as you prefer, and even better is the recent addition of PopClip extensions, which allow you to add even more functionality as you see fit. My favorites are Paste and Return, Delete, Clipboard History, create a new Note, Reminder or Sticky Note, a new todo item in Things. Other extensions allow you to open URLs in Google’s Chrome browser, or send links to a Twitter app. The developer has an extensive extensions documentation page for developers, and that allows you to create your own extensions to customize PopClip even further.

As a digital artist and a Wacom Intuos user, I tend to use the mouse very infrequently and rely more on the tablet stylus, even when not creating artwork. PopClip makes it very easy to use just the stylus for a lot of basic text manipulation tasks. It’s incredibly handy. The developer is also very friendly and responsive to feature requests and support issues.

Be sure to check out my tip for invoking PopClip from the keyboard using Services, Automator and Applescript.

PopClip ($4.99 on the Mac App Store)

7 thoughts on “PopClip: Excellent Keyboard-Based Text Utility

    1. Aha, seems as if this is a hidden command that I got via the developer. Didn’t realize it never made it to the official extension list. Here’s how I enabled it:

      Open Terminal.app, and paste in the following line:

      defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip EnableHistory -bool YES

      then Quit and restart PopClip

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