Multi-Site-Specific Search

Inspired by Macdrifter’s new NerdQuery, I researched how to perform a site-specific Google search on multiple sites. It’s pretty simple actually. Using the standard Google site-specific search operator to search for the term “monkeys” on this blog, you’d type the following into the Google search field:

monkeys site:

and to search multiple sites for the same term, you just add the additional sites separated by the pipe character:

monkeys site: | site:

I decided to take this one step further and save it as a keyword search in the Safari Keyword Search Extension for different topics. 

To do this properly, I found it easiest to do the actual search on Google, and then copy/paste the resulting URL into the extension settings and modifying per the instructions. For example, my Mac geek search (keyword: mac) has a URL like so:

You can see the extensions placeholder for the search term (@@@) and the pipe character (%7C) which is derived from typing this into the search field on Google:

monkeys site: | site: | site:

With the keyword search set up, I can now type “mac” followed by a space and my search terms, and Google will search just the sites I specified. Pretty handy when you have a handful of trusted sites and you just want to see what these specific authors have to say on a given topic.


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