Safari Keyword Search Extension

Safari Keyword Search is an extension for Safari that allows you to search specific sites from the address bar. As the extension’s author describes it: For example, you can search Wikipedia for information on monkeys by typing “w monkeys” in the address bar and hitting Return.

Some built-in search keywords:

  • a:
  • d:
  • down:
  • e:
  • g:
  • gl: (“I’m feeling lucky”)
  • gm:
  • imdb:
  • so:
  • w:
  • wa:
  • y:

There are other plugins that performa  similar function, but this is the only one I’ve found that is an actual Extension for Safari, and therefore shouldn’t affect the functionality of the browser.

Here’s an advanced multi-site-specific search that you can use with Safari Keyword Search.


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