Pursuing Passion

This post by David Seah brings up some interesting thoughts on the concept of pursuing your passions. He questions if he’s actually found his passion, and if so, why is it not flowing naturally? Seah mentions “The War of Art” which tells us—if Pressfield is correct in his theory—that it’s not going to be an easy road.

I’ve often wondered myself if I have misidentified what exactly my passion is. I’ve always assume that it is “art”, but what if it isn’t? You can’t get any more vague than just calling it “art”. Have I focused on the wrong niche?

But the real meat of the post focuses on what Pressfield is constantly reminding of us in both “The War of Art” and “Turning Pro”: Do the work. Overcome resistance. It’s not about anything else but showing up and putting the time in. But Seah brings up an interesting point: what if we’ve been putting the time in on the wrong passion? I’m reminded of Pressfield’s “shadow profession” concept here. And what of knowingly maintaining a shadow profession?

Seah seems to be looking for some sort of emotional fulfillment or feedback, which Pressfield tells us —right or wrong — is a red herring. Seah does go on to say that the solution he’s found is exactly that— the removal of emotional attachment to activities. Which again follows Pressfield’s advice of “sit, work, allow for inspiration”. But I can side with Seah on the difficulty in this.

I look again to “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” for inspiration here, where the focused application of practice will reap benefits over time. But the real trick is how one gets into that mindset and stays there for the necessary time.

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4 thoughts on “Pursuing Passion

  1. “Do the work. Overcome the resistance.” True, I find my biggest resistance is my inner critic. I know so well what good and excellent look like well before I can achieve it, particularly my writing.

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