McGizmo Clips

McGizmo Clips have proven to be the completing item in my nerdy quest for the ultimate minimalist EDC keychain setup. The A &P keyring solved the issue of easily adding or removing items (I dislike split-rings), but I found that it still didn’t work so great for that moment when the car is warming up and you realize you forgot something in the locked house.

I believe I am using the Nano sized clip, but it may be the (larger) Mini. I ordered a few of each size to be safe (including the even larger Micro size). The clip has a lanyard hole that easily fits on the A & P keyring, and the clip will easily allow a standard house key to clip on. The Pico was just too small for the key.

From left to right: Streamlight Nano flashlight, Pico Widgy Pry Bar, Army Tweezers, McGizmo Nano clip, Battery Locker, all on an A & P Keyring.

So far, the clip seems sturdy and reliable. The house key now easily clips off and on, eliminating the last remaining bug in my keychain. One could easily use the various sizes to allow all your keychain tools to have a quick-detach feature, but I’ve never found that to be an issue. It’s only been the need to enter my locked house when the car is already running.

EDC keychain

But I’ll be honest, these clips are such a cool little gadget I was looking for more ways to use them! The “minimalist” aspect of my keychain quest brought me to my senses.

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