Quickly Launch Drafts from Notification Center Via Launch Center Pro

I’m always looking for more ways to use Drafts on my iPhone, as well as more ways to access it. I discovered a way to have access via the Notification Center list using Launch Center Pro. I doubt I’m the first to write about this, but thought I’d share anyways.

Launch Center Pro allows you to “schedule” actions, which can be as simple as an action to launch an app. Simply set up a new launch action in Launch Center Pro, assign the Drafts URL scheme to it (drafts://), and then set a schedule for hourly repeats.

Then in the iOS Notifications settings, just customize to your liking. I set them up as Banners only, sound off, and to show the 1 most recent items. This keeps the intrusion to a minimum, and gives you a quick launcher in both the Lock Screen and in Notification Center. Using the new Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 6 ensures you’re not bugged during the hours you specified.

The downside to this is that iOS seems to delete all the notifications in Notification Center once you use one of them. I had hoped to show the 5 most recent and have a rolling storehouse of them to use, but not so. Not sure if Launch Center Pro can be tweaked to allow for this, or if it’s just not possible for 3rd party apps to manage.

Initially I set this up as a reminder to jot down thoughts throughout the day in an ongoing journal for the new plaintext journaling setup with Drafts, Dropbox and nvALT I am trying out. I soon realized this would be a neat way to have access to Drafts via the lock screen and/or Notification Center. I tried setting up multiple scheduled app launchers in Launch Center Pro for Drafts, but tapping one removed them all from Notification Center.

UPDATE: Looks like keeping items in Notification Center isn’t allowed by Apple. I thought I remembered something about that back when the original Launch Center was released.

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