Assign a Keyboard Shortcut to Move Messages to a Folder in Apple Mail

Here’s a great tip on how to assign a keyboard shortcut to move messages to a folder in Apple Mail. In short, you use the Applications Shortcuts found within System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts to assign a keyboard shortcut to a specific folder in Apple Mail. Similar to my tip on a global keyboard shortcut for creating a new email message in Apple Mail.

I settled on a very minimalist email system that uses the Inbox and a Done folder. Well, I have one for Biz Receipts too but that’s it. Since I also use a Done folder with my Gmail account, I renamed the Done folder for the work account so the keyboard shortcut would work properly. Since almost all of my messages are moved to one folder, I wanted a keyboard shortcut to do so since I perform that task so often. I have noticed that sometimes I will need to move one message using the Mail menu item for the shortcut to “kick in”. Might happen after relaunching Mail or rebooting the Mac, I haven’t hunted down the cause yet.

I can get away with just a Done folder because I use Smart Mailboxes to sort messages; the actual messages all end up in either the Inbox, Done or Receipts folders. For the curious, my Smart Mailboxes are fairly simple as well: Read, Unread, Flagged, and a folder full of client Smart Mailboxes with the search criteria being their email address.

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