Moves: Stylish Pedometer App

Moves is a clever and stylish pedometer app that I’m really enjoying lately.

The feature that really stands out for me is the tracking of transport (read: driving) in between your walking, running or cycling activities. The app is smart enough to not track these in your step counts, but it’s great to see an overview of your travels on the map to put the activities in context.

I notice very little battery drain from the app, and from testing alongside other pedometer and GPS tracker apps, it seems pretty accurate.

You can switch between steps and miles on the totals. I wish I could do that for specific sections as well, so I can see just my step/mile count for a specific hike or bike ride.

The app also uses Foursquare to name locations, and you can add custom private locations as well ( Home, Work, etc.)

The app looks great as well. And at least for now, it’s free. I’ve played with other background pedometer apps and found them lacking in either reliability or use. Moves combines a lot of clever functionality to a pedometer that makes the experience a bit more full and even fun.

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