Grow Box

So I decided to grow my own vegetables this year, and ordered some of these Grow Box planters so I am ready to go when the weather finally breaks.

The reviews of these things seem to be mostly positive. I’ve no green thumb here, so I need all the help I can get. I’m curious about the process in general, and like to learn by experience.

I’m also curious how the process will affect my daily life. I’ve found a new rhythm to my schedule since eating a whole foods nutrition plan with lots of fresh vegetables included. The shopping and prep time has changed things up for me. I’ve come to really enjoy the extra work involved. I like being a part of the food process. Growing the garden will take me a bit deeper into that experience.

Since I’ve not gained any extra hours in the week — and in fact have re-allocated some former free time to creating more art — what it’s forced me to do is to re-prioritize my schedule and look for more time in the day. I’ve mentioned before how I’ve stopped alerts from non-urgent sources like email, apps and social media.

I’m curious to see where the garden boxes will lead me. And saving money on the grocery bill will be great. But food or no food (my buddy had a tough time with his new garden last season), the entire process should be very interesting and enlightening.

I’ve no doubt that the impetus to make this happen owes quite a bit to Michael Pollan’s superb book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, which I just finished last week and thoroughly enjoyed. Really inspired me to be more involved in the process of my (un-processed) food.

The plan is to grow as much of the regular vegetables I eat: tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, green peppers and celery.

2 thoughts on “Grow Box

  1. Despite the fact that I totally understand and approve of your decision to switch off app and email notifications I would recommend not to look away completely. There are some really useful garden apps that could help you to achieve your goal. But be aware, it can consume more time than you originally planned and it may not equal to what you save on groceries. But then again, it’s quality what counts.

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