Bigfoot Patrol Membership Kit on Kickstarter

Bigfoot Patrol Membership Kit

I’ve been a bit slack in mentioning the Kickstarter campaign I’ve been running for my art merchandise crowd funding project, the “Bigfoot Patrol Membership Kit”. The art and design was all created by me with the underlying concept of “What if the National Park system had an actual division to track Bigfoot in all those acres of wilderness int he park system?” I went for a fun “Junior Ranger” approach to some of the merchandise, with echoes of my Star Wars Fan Club and KISS Army memberships as a kid.

If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, basically it’s a way to raise funds for projects as a sort of a pre-order system. If the funding isn’t reached 100%, you do not have to pay. Which means I need your pledges to help reach my funding goal!

There are some lower-priced options, but the main reward level is for the package which includes the t-shirt, the embroidered patch, stickers, a button, and a membership card. There are also higher-level tiers which get you an original signed and numbered limited-editation print and even original artwork if you so choose!

You might also enjoy the recent glut of Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti-themed art I’ve been posting as part of my Daily Sketch practice over the past few weeks. The Daily Sketch was how I developed the idea for this entire series of “Bigfoot Patrol” artwork and the eventual Kickstarter fundraiser to make this into actual merchandise.

Head over to Kickstarter and help make the “Bigfoot Patrol Membership Kit” a reality with your pledge, and get some fun, cool Bigfoot-themed merchandise!

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