Mysterious Corridors: Recent Drawings

I started allotting weekends for personal, non-illustration/cartooning artwork. The days fill up quickly, and I wasn’t getting to work on any of this stuff in the evenings as originally planned.

Here’s a collection of all the drawings to date. You can see more over at my personal art portfolio website. The term “visionary art” seems most appropriate to this kind of approach, so that’s what I refer to the art I create in this style as. Definitely influenced by H.R. Giger, Alex Gray and others.

One thought on “Mysterious Corridors: Recent Drawings

  1. Hi George!

    Wow! This is really fantastic stuff! The mystical eye design is just haunting. I like it cropped (as above) so it creates a claustrophobic feeling. Then it reminds me of infinity!

    So, if you don’t mind me asking: how do you make these? Do you have a post somewhere describing your techniques?

    Thanks for sharing, George! Hope all is well for you!



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