One-Page Printable Yearly Calendar

I like to see the Big Picture. Most calendars suck for that. I also have idiosyncratic wants. Here’s the list of criteria:

  • The weeks starts on Monday. I started experimenting with this a few months ago and love it. Weekends are chunk and belong together visually.
  • The days are continuous. We live an endless stream of days. The calendar should reflect this experience.
  • It fits on one printable page. I want something I can print out on regular paper, and not have to deal with cutting or assembling.

I found this near-perfect solution to my desires, but being near-perfect, I wanted to make it perfect. So I did.

Below you will see a preview of the version I created with the Wheel Of The Year dates highlighted (equinoxes and solstices — “quarter days” — in black, the cross-quater days outlined). I find it a handy way to mentally chunk down the year into 8 seasonally-related sections that relate directly to the motions of the Earth.


The design is set up so the sheet can be folded lengthwise in thirds, then again in half. It fits somewhat tidily behind a stack of 3×5 index cards (aka the Hipster PDA).

Realizing not everyone will care about those Wheel Of The Year days being highlighted, there are links to the plain-old version as well. The files are PDF files, and they were created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as editable versions in case these are not perfect enough for you.

And yes, a 2016 version is coming soon.

One-page printable yearly calendar (plain) PDF

One-page printable yearly calendar (WOTY) PDF

UPDATE: the 2016 calendar is here

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