I am a professional artist who draws monsters, creatures and cryptids that usually end up in embroidered patch form. And a digital art & Mac geek. I like to ride my bike, throw some disc golf, and play the guitar. I take photos for fun too. You can check out my personal artwork here.

This is my personal blog, for my interests and activities other than art and illustration. But some of that stuff will sneak in here too.

As a Mac nerd, there are also a lot of posts about how to do obscure things with OS X, as well as software and apps for not only the Mac, but the iPhone and iPad as well.

This blog was inspired by my favorite website on the internet. I love the flat hierarchy and completely unrelated topics, and wanted to do something similar. If you’re confused by the mish-mash of post topics on my blog, think about what it’s like to be inside my brain!

I needed a repository to share all the interests I have and cool stuff I’ve found. It’s also nice to have a page or a post to send someone to about something I’m passionate about and  recommending to them, and not have to explain it multiple times.

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