Invoke PopClip Via Keyboard Using AppleScript, Automator and OS X Services

A tweet from the PopClip developer directed me to the PopClip User Guide to take advantage of a feature I’ve been wanting in the app for some time: the ability to invoke PopClip via the keyboard.

The method uses AppleScript and the code is super simple:

tell application "PopClip" to appear

The documentation suggests using a few third-party “launcher” utility apps, but I’ve discovered a way to do so with just OS X, using Automator and OS X Services. Here’s how I did it. Continue reading “Invoke PopClip Via Keyboard Using AppleScript, Automator and OS X Services”

Auto-Increment File Names in OS X with Hazel

For client artwork, I save a lot of versions of files. Enough so that I got tired of manually incrementing the file names when saving JPEGs from Photoshop and decided to see if Hazel could automate this for me. It wasn’t apparent how to do this at first, but the Hazel developer steered me in the right direction. Here’s how to do it.

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Apple Mail in 10.8: New Special Folder for AppleScripts Used in Rules

I was recently adding some new Mail Rules to Apple Mail, and noticed all my rules that triggered an AppleScript were no longer associated with the correct scripts. Turns out the new version of Mail in 10.8 has a special folder specifically for scripts used in Apple Mail.

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Dashes to Spaces & Word Caps using TextExpander

When uploading my artwork to Flickr, I typically have a file name that I want to use for the title as well. The problem is, when doing a Save For Web from Photoshop or Illustrator, I have things set up so the filenames are web-friendly (all lowercase, and dashes instead of spaces between words). So when the files get uploaded, Flickr defaults to using those filenames and manually editing the text is a waste of time. Here’s how I streamlined that process.

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AppleScript: New iCloud Note from Clipboard

I was looking to create an AppleScript that appended the Clipboard contents to an existing note in the new Notes app in 10.8 Mountain Lion. It doesn’t seem to be possible, but I found a link at MacScripter to a great resource with lots of actual code examples for using AppleScript and

Using the examples at that link, I did the next best thing and set up an AppleScript that prompts you for the note title, then creates a new note in the default iCloud account with the contents of the Clipboard as the body text.

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Super-Fast WordPress Blog Posts via E-Mail with TextExpander 4

I was looking for a way to post quick blog posts to WordPress similar to how easy it is to post a Tweet. I love the global “new tweet” in the official Mac app. There’s a lot of stuff I’d probably post on the blog if I didn’t have to go through the process of going to the website and performing the New Post Ritual.

I’ve actually been wanting to post a lot more to the blog as opposed to ephemeral social media outlets as of late—tweets aren’t Google-able, and get lost in the never-ending Timeline. Facebook is even worse. I like the idea of fleshing out a thought, and having it accessible to the search engines. I feel like I’ve thrown away a lot of good ideas in a tweet that really should have been blog posts. But setting up a blog post can sometimes be a pain, even as easy as WordPress makes it.

At first, I thought I might be able to link it to Evernote or by emailing an Evernote note and using WordPress’ “post by email” function. But Evernote adds weird formatting to the text and extra HTML borders—it’s a big mess. I was poking around on the post by email page on the WordPress help and discovered all the shortcode options you can add to the email body to control things like the Category and the Published/Draft status of the emailed post, when it hit me: TextExpander 4.

TextExpander 4 introduced some super-cool new features, my fave being the fill-in snippets with multi-line fields and pop-up menus. Turns out these are perfect for posting via email. Let me show you how I did it…

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OS X: Global Keyboard Shortcut To Open A New Finder Window

I’ve often wanted to be able to open a new Finder window on my Mac using a global keyboard shortcut. Turns out someone else has as well, and the full instructions can be found here: OSX: Setting a global shortcut key to open a new Finder window. The method uses Automator and AppleScript, both of which ship with OS X and the walkthrough requires very little knowledge of either app.

Be sure to read the comments to make sure you set things up correctly, as the instructions on the post are slightly incorrect.


Global OS X keyboard shortcut to open a new email message