The Zen of Tiny Screws

The philosopher Alan Watts brought to my attention the idea that Zen koans (“koan” being translated as “case study”) were originally intended to be created anew, not recycled. The classic “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” was in reference to a proverb (“One hand won’t make a clap”) contemporary to the time the koan was devised. I believe I have a nice little Zen koan for you fellow DIY computer geeks out there.

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Internet Mentions: @ Replies for Web Pages

Twitter’s “mentions” system using the “@ reply” is super handy. Webpages should have them. When someone links to your page, you get a notification. By email. Or use the web browser notification system. WordPress’ trackbacks and pingbacks are a step in the right direction.

Sure, I can run Google Analytics and track these kinds of things, but it should be automatic and you should be able to get pinged when it happens in real-time, with little effort on your part. Google Alerts doesn’t seem to do the trick. I see lots of links to this blog in the WordPress stats that do not appear in Google Alerts using the method that link suggests.

Twitter: Offer To @ Reply The Author When I Tweet A Link To Their Website

If I am using the official Twitter software, or the official Twitter extensions in my browser, or using the Twitter website to generate a new tweet, it would be a handy feature for everybody involved if the extension or the app itself was able to check the domain, see if the user has a Twitter account, and add it to the tweet. Make it a optional with a checkbox.

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Pursuing Passion

This post by David Seah brings up some interesting thoughts on the concept of pursuing your passions. He questions if he’s actually found his passion, and if so, why is it not flowing naturally? Seah mentions “The War of Art” which tells us—if Pressfield is correct in his theory—that it’s not going to be an easy road.

I’ve often wondered myself if I have misidentified what exactly my passion is. I’ve always assume that it is “art”, but what if it isn’t? You can’t get any more vague than just calling it “art”. Have I focused on the wrong niche?

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