Most of my photos are taken with my iPhone (currently an iPhone 4), because it the the best camera I own—they say the best camera is the one you have with you. I also own a Canon S90, which is an excellent camera. It’s got just the right balance between portability and advanced features like a lens with f2.0 aperture (although the sensor is small, so the low-light functionality isn’t as great as I had hoped).

I post most of my photos to my Flickr account, and some photos to Instagram. I rarely use any effects or filters, and only sparingly if so.

Besides the iPhone camera access from the lock screen, my favorite camera apps are black and white camera app Hueless (Hueless photos | App Store), and the panorama app 360 Panorama (360 Panorama photos | App Store).


All my photos

Sunset photos




iPhone 4

Canon S90


Sol: Golden Hour (Magic Hour) alarm and Sun event clock

Hueless: black & white camera app

360 Panorama: Panorama app