SleepStream 2: Sleep/Relax Tones Blended With Your Own Music

SleepStream 2 [App Store] is a nice relaxation/sleep/meditation app with a very unique feature: it will continue to play while you listen to audio from the Music/iPod app on your iPhone.  Continue reading “SleepStream 2: Sleep/Relax Tones Blended With Your Own Music”

TextExpander: Typing Shortcut Utility

TextExpander has always on the top of my must-have Mac software list. The basic functionality is simple: you type certain characters, and TextExpander replaces those characters with something else. As you can see in the screenshot above, a simple use for this is to fix commonly mistyped words. But that’s barely scratching the surface of what TextExpander offers.  Continue reading “TextExpander: Typing Shortcut Utility”

Hazel: Essential Mac Automation Tool

Hazel is hands-down one of my top Mac productivity software tools. And it’s one of those tools that tough to describe exactly why you would want it, because what it does is up to the user. In its most simplest form, Hazel is a utility that watches folders you tell it to watch, and does things to files that meet the criteria you set up. A very small set of actions it can perform are things like setting the color label of the file, renaming a file, moving files into subfolders, moving files to other folders (including the Trash), run AppleScripts and Automator actions, import files to iPhoto or iTunes, open files, set Spotlight comments, and lots more.

If you’ve ever used Smart Playlists in iTunes, then you’ll understand how Hazel works. But Hazel goes a step further and lets you perform actions on the files that meet the criteria in the “Smart Playlists”. If you are familiar with Folder Actions in OS X, Hazel is like Folder Actions on steroids. The best way to explain Hazel is to give you a few of my usage examples, but keep in mind that there are not “built-in”, nor are you limited to these actions. They are just some of the many things I use Hazel to automate on my Mac.

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AirPrint Activator

I rarely print stuff. But sometimes one needs to. I recently purchased a Brother HL2240D laser printer, which I am very pleased with so far. Laser printers do not have ink cartridges that dry up when your printer sits unused for months at a time.

When I purchased the printer, I was not thinking about the iOS AirPrint feature, so that didn’t factor into my decision. But of course I was laying on the couch, needing to print something and realized I wish I had it.

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Bartender: Mac Menu Bar Item Control

I’ve wanted a menubar utility like this for a long time. I’m a Mac utility software junkie and many of them like to reside p in the menubar. Bartender does one thing and does it well: allows you to create an “overflow” menubar for menubar items.

You choose which appear in the actual menubar, and which appear in the Bartender menu bar. It even works with the System menubar items. Menubar items function just fine, and are accessible and usable via the Bartender bar just as if they were in the Mac menubar.

It’s 50% off ($7.50) while it’s still in beta, and free to use/demo while in beta as well.

Bartender | Mac Menu Bar Item Control.