AppleScript to Insert Markdown Link for Current Safari Tab via TextExpander

Here’s a simple AppleScript which can be used with a TextExpander snippet, or as a Service via the macOS Automator app, that when invoked will insert the title and URL of the frontmost Safari tab, formatted as a Markdown link. Continue reading “AppleScript to Insert Markdown Link for Current Safari Tab via TextExpander”

Advanced Text Manipulation via Custom KeyBindings in macOS

After working in the awesome Atom text editor for some time now, and getting spoiled with the awesome keyboard-focused text manipulation tools available, I wanted to find something for working in nvALT to solve a couple of tedious and incessant activities:

  1. Moving chunks of text up and down in the document
  2. Moving a chunk of text to the end of a document

The first need is mostly for organizing information, primarily task/to-do lists.

The second is to bump completed tasks to the end of the text document.

Initially, I expected to find some sort of macOS Service I could assign a keyboard shortcut to. But then I stumbled across Brett Terpstra’s post on custom KeyBindings in macOS. Continue reading “Advanced Text Manipulation via Custom KeyBindings in macOS”

Customize the ‘Continue Reading →’ Text for Posts

I’m new to, but not to WordPress. It’s an interesting experience, especially since I am so used to having the access to the code and the ability to add plugins. So I’m always looking for ways to achieve things in that I do in a self-hosted WordPress install.

I have a plugin on my cartooning blog that tweaks the ‘More’ tag site-wide. The ‘More’ tag is what displays the ‘Continue Reading →’ text at the end of a post excerpt on the Home page and on archive pages. I discovered there was no way to do this site-wide on a site, but I found this little trick that allows you to customize the text for the More tag on a per-post basis for postsHere’s how to do it…