Prepend Text File with Automator & Shell Scripts

As a followup to my earlier post about how to create a macOS Service (or a Text Expander snippet) to quickly append a text file using Hazel, Automator and Shell Scripts, here’s a way to instead prepend text to a text file using the same tools.

prepend text automator screenshot

Why would you want to do this?

My core interest in setting this up is for plain-text journaling. In a way, I am cobbling together the functionality I find extraordinarily useful in the iOS app Drafts for use on macOS.

I like to capture ideas, thoughts, errands, links, apps, articles, tasks and todos quickly, and I use a plain-text document system I’ve put together over the years. These automation setups remove friction in doing so, which make it more likely I will maintain the behavior.

With this setup and the companion append text automation setup, I can hit a keyboard combo, have a small window pop up where I type what I want to capture, hit OK and the automation goes and appends it to the right .txt file, in the right location, behind the scenes.

I will be writing about my plain-text journaling system in a future post. For now, read on to learn how to set this journaling automation up for yourself.

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Customize the ‘Continue Reading →’ Text for Posts

I’m new to, but not to WordPress. It’s an interesting experience, especially since I am so used to having the access to the code and the ability to add plugins. So I’m always looking for ways to achieve things in that I do in a self-hosted WordPress install.

I have a plugin on my cartooning blog that tweaks the ‘More’ tag site-wide. The ‘More’ tag is what displays the ‘Continue Reading →’ text at the end of a post excerpt on the Home page and on archive pages. I discovered there was no way to do this site-wide on a site, but I found this little trick that allows you to customize the text for the More tag on a per-post basis for postsHere’s how to do it…