I was a former “Foodiot” — an idiot when it came to food. I remember back then how daunting it all seemed to try and get started eating more healthily. At least for an overthinker like me. This post will be a primer of sorts on how to get started eating in a more healthy manner. I’ll discuss how to shop for vegetables, how to store them, and what to look out for.

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Grow Box

So I decided to grow my own vegetables this year, and ordered some of these Grow Box planters so I am ready to go when the weather finally breaks.

The reviews of these things seem to be mostly positive. I’ve no green thumb here, so I need all the help I can get. I’m curious about the process in general, and like to learn by experience.

I’m also curious how the process will affect my daily life. I’ve found a new rhythm to my schedule since eating a whole foods nutrition plan with lots of fresh vegetables included. The shopping and prep time has changed things up for me. I’ve come to really enjoy the extra work involved. I like being a part of the food process. Growing the garden will take me a bit deeper into that experience.

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Cron-O-Meter: Comprehensive Nutrition Tracking

CRON-O-Meter is the nutrition software/website I’ve been searching for. If you want to track calories, there are a gazillion options out there. But I wanted to track the nutrients in my food — vitamins and minerals. I’m fortunate to not really have to worry too much about my weight, but the nutrients are something I wanted to track. Cron-o-meter isn’t the best-looking, but it does just what I wanted.

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