SleepStream 2: Sleep/Relax Tones Blended With Your Own Music

SleepStream 2 [App Store] is a nice relaxation/sleep/meditation app with a very unique feature: it will continue to play while you listen to audio from the Music/iPod app on your iPhone.  Continue reading “SleepStream 2: Sleep/Relax Tones Blended With Your Own Music”

Display Recent Blog Posts as a Thumbnail Gallery in WordPress [plugin]

Get Post List With Thumbnails is an excellent little plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites that allows you to display your recent blog posts as a thumbnail grid of images with support for using the Featured Image thumbnails for a nice clean uniform image from each post. Perfect for us artists wanting to use WordPress for an online portfolio.

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MacTubes: Excellent Standalone YouTube Player for Mac OS X


MacTubes is a great way to watch a bunch of YouTube videos on your Mac. You can set up playlists, search and of course watch the videos. The only downside is that there’s no way to log in to your account and play from your own playlists, but hey—it’s free!

Work great, and much better than keeping a browser window open on your second monitor. I typically have Minecraft “Let’s Play” videos by Paul Soares jr. playing on mine. Not sure why, but it’s nice relaxing background entertainment for working late night.


Mindfulness In Plain English: Meditation Manual

I’ve recently started meditating, and came across this excellent introduction and manual to meditation, Mindfulness in Plain English which I discovered via Reddit. It is a superb introduction to meditation, and even better, the website offers up the text in web, PDF and ePub (iBooks) formats. For free!

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