“Legendary Legion” Folklore Creature Patch Set on Kickstarter


My “Legendary Legion” embroidered patch set featuring folklore creatures: fairies, elves, gnomes, ogres, trolls, goblins & dwarves is now live on Kickstarter. The campaign is over 90% funded on the first day, and runs until October 30, 2017.



More Halloween Monster & Creature Art

More recent Halloween-themed illustration artwork I’ve been creating for my Daily Sketch practice. Be sure to follow my Coghill Cartooning blog on WordPress.com to keep up with all the Daily Sketches.

Halloween Monster & Creature Art

A spine-tingling collection of all the recent Halloween-themed illustration work I’ve been creating this month for my Daily Sketch practice. Be sure to follow my Coghill Cartooning blog on WordPress.com to keep up with all the Daily Sketches.