Minimalist Notification Sound

I don’t know how I stuck with the super annoying default notification sound for a successfully expanded Text Expander snippet for all these years, but I finally got around to finding a suitable and non-intrusive replacement.

Here’s the sound in .mp3 format, for previewing it; and the .aif sound file to download and drop into your ~/Library/Sounds/ folder (both are Dropbox links).

Notifications sounds on macOS have to be in .aif format, and it’s a bit convoluted to do it with iTunes.

I edited the original sound file, which I obtained here.

Internet Mentions: @ Replies for Web Pages

Twitter’s “mentions” system using the “@ reply” is super handy. Webpages should have them. When someone links to your page, you get a notification. By email. Or use the web browser notification system. WordPress’ trackbacks and pingbacks are a step in the right direction.

Sure, I can run Google Analytics and track these kinds of things, but it should be automatic and you should be able to get pinged when it happens in real-time, with little effort on your part. Google Alerts doesn’t seem to do the trick. I see lots of links to this blog in the WordPress stats that do not appear in Google Alerts using the method that link suggests.

Herald: Superb Notification Plugin For Mac OS X Email

Herald for Apple Mail screenshot

Max OS X 10.8 (“Mountain Lion”—boy do I dislike those cat nicknames) added a new Notification Center feature. It was definitely “inspired” by the excellent Growl notification system, and in my opinion not as good.

However, neither notification system is great for Apple Mail. That’s where Herald comes in.

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