Export All Photoshop Layers to Individual PNG Files

A very handy Photoshop script to export Photoshop layers to individual PNG files over at Graphic Design Stack Exchange. The script you want is the newest version, the link is in this comment.

Yes, Photoshop has a built-in script that does something similar, but this one will name each of the exported files with the name of the layer they were generated from.

Adobe Illustrator: Convert Illustrator Point/Path Text to Area Text

Handy Adobe Illustrator script that will Convert Illustrator Point/Path Text to Area Text as well as a script to do the opposite.

Adobe Illustrator offers no way at all to convert between these two kinds of type objects, which is insane.

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Automate iTunes Store Affiliate Links with TextExpander

I was looking for a method to make the generation of affiliate links to the iTunes Store less painful. My searching led me to this official Apple resource for generating less spammy-looking links, and it all made sense until I got to the part where it told you to “double percent-encode the plain App Store link”.

I’m no coder, but I am good at reverse-engineering code. But now I needed a script that did this double percent-encoding, and that was just the first step—I would still need to put together the full link in the end. But for now I was at an impasse.  Here’s how I solved it (with some help)…