Goblin ARTag

new Goblin ARTag ground array | Flickr

There’s something intrinsically cool about the design of these AR (Augmented Reality) tags. They have this cool 8-bit hieroglyph vibe to them that I really like.

The idea is that you place them on real-world object, and then a camera connected to a computer recognizes them and the perspective at which it sees them, and uses this info to render a virtual object at the proper angle, view and perspective.

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MotionX-Sleep: Clever Sleep Tracker & GPS Pedometer App

MotionX® | MotionX-Sleep Overview

MotionX Sleep is an interesting pedometer and sleep tracking app that I’ve recently become a big fan of. I’ve picked up the new habit of daily walks for simple exercise, and have also discovered that proper sleep is another healthy goal to aim for, so this app covers both in a nice little package.

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Disc Beeper

Disc Beeper is a mysterious new gadget for disc golfers. From the website:

Disc Beeper is an electronic device that is centrally placed underneath a Disc or Frisbee that allows players to easily find their Disc or Frisbee especially during the sport “Disc Golf.” This device only weighs 6 grams and shows absolutely no noticeable effect on disc flight. Disc Beeper also has a waterproof design. It has 3 distinct modes that allows up to 3 players to play at once. Disc Beeper has a push-button to turn it on requiring 550 grams of force to engage. Once the Disc Beeper is turned on, there is a 45 second delay to allow launch and attempted retrieval, allowing the user to throw it and will beep every 3 seconds until you turn it off. Disc Beeper is rechargeable via included micro usb cord. It holds up to 7-8 hours under 1 charge of 1 hour.

I think every disc golf player out there has thought of this at some point. A July 2012 release date is mentioned on their Facebook page. Interested to give this a try.