Media Rename – WordPress Plugin

Handy plugin for WordPress to rename the filename of your images. Great for use when uploading to your blog via the WordPress iOS app, since the iPhone doesn’t allow you to change filenames on photos and WordPress itself offers no functionality to do this — which both should have by default.

Display Recent Blog Posts as a Thumbnail Gallery in WordPress [plugin]

Get Post List With Thumbnails is an excellent little plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites that allows you to display your recent blog posts as a thumbnail grid of images with support for using the Featured Image thumbnails for a nice clean uniform image from each post. Perfect for us artists wanting to use WordPress for an online portfolio.

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Custom Post WP Gallery Plugin: Image Galleries From Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types

Custom Post WP Gallery: Image Galleries from pages, posts or custom post types — Help for WordPress

Custom Post WP Gallery is the portfolio plugin I’ve been wanting for WordPress for a long time. It’s very simple, but does exactly what I wanted: allows you to have a thumbnail image gallery that pulls the images from specific Pages or Custom Post Types, using the Featured Image functionality. The latter is what I really wanted so I could keep the portfolio as a separate unit within the website. While there are tons of thumbnail gallery plugins out there, all seem to have way too many features I’d never use, and are proprietary so if the plugin gets abandoned you’re stuck. By tapping into built-in features of WordPress, at least you are ensured some level of being future-proofed.  Continue reading “Custom Post WP Gallery Plugin: Image Galleries From Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types”

Schedule Posts Calendar: WordPress Plugin

WordPress › Schedule Posts Calendar « WordPress Plugins

This Schedule Posts Calendar WordPress plugin is something I’ve been wanting for a while. I tend to schedule blog posts for my cartooning blog in bulk, and like to publish them on a regular weekly schedule. I like to do so on the same day every week, and it’s a pain having to double-check the dates and manually type in the info.

I’ve only just installed it but it does just what I need and works great. Hopefully it doesn’t cause any problems or conflicts!

Customize the ‘Continue Reading →’ Text for Posts

I’m new to, but not to WordPress. It’s an interesting experience, especially since I am so used to having the access to the code and the ability to add plugins. So I’m always looking for ways to achieve things in that I do in a self-hosted WordPress install.

I have a plugin on my cartooning blog that tweaks the ‘More’ tag site-wide. The ‘More’ tag is what displays the ‘Continue Reading →’ text at the end of a post excerpt on the Home page and on archive pages. I discovered there was no way to do this site-wide on a site, but I found this little trick that allows you to customize the text for the More tag on a per-post basis for postsHere’s how to do it…

Super-Fast WordPress Blog Posts via E-Mail with TextExpander 4

I was looking for a way to post quick blog posts to WordPress similar to how easy it is to post a Tweet. I love the global “new tweet” in the official Mac app. There’s a lot of stuff I’d probably post on the blog if I didn’t have to go through the process of going to the website and performing the New Post Ritual.

I’ve actually been wanting to post a lot more to the blog as opposed to ephemeral social media outlets as of late—tweets aren’t Google-able, and get lost in the never-ending Timeline. Facebook is even worse. I like the idea of fleshing out a thought, and having it accessible to the search engines. I feel like I’ve thrown away a lot of good ideas in a tweet that really should have been blog posts. But setting up a blog post can sometimes be a pain, even as easy as WordPress makes it.

At first, I thought I might be able to link it to Evernote or by emailing an Evernote note and using WordPress’ “post by email” function. But Evernote adds weird formatting to the text and extra HTML borders—it’s a big mess. I was poking around on the post by email page on the WordPress help and discovered all the shortcode options you can add to the email body to control things like the Category and the Published/Draft status of the emailed post, when it hit me: TextExpander 4.

TextExpander 4 introduced some super-cool new features, my fave being the fill-in snippets with multi-line fields and pop-up menus. Turns out these are perfect for posting via email. Let me show you how I did it…

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